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Larry Steinberg

Larry Steinberg

Chief Investment Officer

Larry Steinberg is an experienced financial adviser, thought leader, and speaker. Larry has been quoted in numerous publications, is a published author, and a regular speaker at conferences and events. Larry started with Wells Fargo while attending Occidental College, went to Transamerica after graduation and was a registered representative of SunAmerica Securities before starting his own firm at age 25.

Larry is known for two areas of expertise. First, he serves as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, managing the firm’s investment portfolios using alternative and traditional investments focusing on after tax returns for IRAs, trusts, qualified retirement plans, donor advised funds and captive insurance.

More specifically, Larry's investment management services use asset allocation strategies following Yale University Endowment Model (developed by David Swenson & Dean Takahashi), allocating assets not only to stocks & bonds, but to the total investable landscape globally. The endowment model builds on the application of modern portfolio theory where investors are not limited to the liquid markets, but can invest into alternative investments. These investments, often with limited or no liquidity, are typically less correlated to the stock and bond markets, allowing for a potentially higher degree of diversification.

In addition, Larry has a strong focus on tax mitigation as that is often the client’s largest impediment to growing their net worth and gaining financial freedom. Whether the income is from a business, a salary, or the sale of an asset such as a closely held business or piece of real estate, Larry has strategies to reduce the tax bill and allow clients to keep more of their own money. This will often be a larger factor in growing net worth than investment returns.

Please note that there are special rules & risks associated with alternative investments & not every investor will be eligible or suitable to invest in alternative investments. Many alternative investments place limitations on who may purchase them based a person's income & assets & some may only be available to accredited investors. Alternative Investments often include a high degree of risk.